Friday, November 1, 2013

11gR1 to 11gR2 RAC - An Upgrade Experience on Solaris

I’ve recently gone through an experience (see title), that I thought would be a good one to share.

As of late, I’ve started documenting the life out of any project/task, and this is one of in the long line of many.

Basically, the goal here was to upgrade an existing 11gR1 RAC configuration to 11gR2 RAC. To supplement the pretty picture, the following tasks were involved:

  • Upgrade 11gR1 CRS+ASM to 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure
  • Upgrade 11gR1 RDBMS to 11gR2 RDBMS
  • Upgrade 11gR2 Instances to 11gR2
I’ve uploaded the document to the Oracle RAC SIG, if you’re interested please follow this link to download it. The document includes the steps for the upgrade, any encountered issues with fixes, plus additional tidbits I felt would be useful.

Thanks to my friend Osama Mustafa (@osamaoracle) for reviewing it!! I would cherish any comments, or feedback from my readers with their experiences.



  1. Great Job my friend :) and Very Useful Information

  2. Nice team work folks :)

  3. Can't see/open after download. Adobe reader XI says it is damaged.

    1. Anonymous, I've been able to successfully download the file from two separate browsers. Here's the direct link to the RAC SIG site:

      You should be able to see the link to my document at the top of the list (as of Nov 2, 2013).

      Let me know if this still doesn't work - I can share with you via g+ or dropbox.