Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Moment of Honesty - So refreshing

I was chatting with one of our interns this morning about an customers issue. The topic was something to do with removing a target from OEM using EMCLI and, as usual, I wanted it to be a good learning experience for the intern. Though, at one point after the issue was resolved, the intern was compelled to say this to me:
INTERN> a moment of honesty and do not take this the wrong way at all. you're a scary teacher but your method makes you a very good one lol
INTERN> one of the best i have ever had
INTERN> i only mean scary in the sense that you ask us a lot of questions to pull out answers and not knowing the answer can be unsettling in my mind despite me still learning haha
I couldn't help but chuckle and laugh at this - the intern is a good kid and quite good at picking up whatever I throw at him - and, I guess I tend to expect much. I suppose both of us learned something today: I, told the intern that I will try not to be as scary in the future and the intern, that I am not as scary as I seem to be :)


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